Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Sep 3 2020

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Inspiration: One Bible teacher challenged us to visit hospitals, to visit the sick, to read the Bible to the elderly in nursing homes, to visit prisoners in jail and to feed and clothe the poor.  I had never visited prisons before so I was nervous about it at first.  However I asked God for courage and went along with people who had done it before.  After sharing the gospel with those in prison, I saw them as redeemed children of God.  I saw how they really needed people like us to come and cheer them up with the Gospel of Jesus.  Later we went to a nursing home where we read the Bible which brought life to those elderly faces.  In doing these things my eyes were opened to a hurting world as I saw how selfish I was in my own little world.  So if you have not gone before, go with someone else who have gone to hospitals, jails or nursing homes before, and just be an observer the first time to see how easy it is to bring the love of Jesus to people by the power of Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ Is the Light Of The World and Inspiration For All

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Jesus Christ loves you so much! Please study the Holy Bible every day to get to know Jesus better and follow Gods Plans!
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