Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it is too late!

Jesus Loves You and is willing to accept you no matter what you have done!


John 10:10 in the Holy Bible tells us the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  The devil is the one that wrecks people’s lives and then blames it on God so that you never repent and turn to Jesus Christ for love and eternal life.   John 3:16 says that God so loves you that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sins so you can enter into the abundant life in John 10:10 full of peace, love and joy.  But you must repent.  You need to see that all the devil’s temptations are trash leaving you in torment in the long run.  So repent today and turn To God.  Jesus will accept you back no matter what you have done!

The world deceives us in many ways and leads us into a life of sin.  However there is hope for you to get out of your condemnation, sadness and depression no matter what you have done.  Many of us have sinned a lot before we were saved by Jesus Christ as we watched the wrong stuff on TV, internet movies, etc.   Some of us sinned because we saw others do the same sin so we felt justified in sinning.  However sin leads us to hell as we get trapped into the devil’s lies and  tricks.   You might say you have sinned too much and are no longer worthy to be received back by Jesus Christ.    Even if a woman has had an abortion not knowing the baby’s heart starts beating 18 days after conception, there is still hope for you as you repent since you did not mean to destroy a life on purpose.  Even if a man does not protect the new baby he co-created, not thinking killing a baby inside the womb is the same as killing a baby outside the womb, there is still hope for you as you repent since you did not mean to destroy a life on purpose.  Even if you did some sin on purpose it is time now to REPENT.    Repent means stop the sin you are doing, ask Jesus to forgive you and turn your life 100% to Jesus Christ for forgiveness as Jesus will still restore your life to the life He has planned for you.  Repent means have a regret for what you have done so when you start your new life with Jesus Christ you will want to save lives!

If you want eternal life in heaven with God then ask Jesus Christ into your heart, ask forgiveness of all your sins and commit your life 100% to Jesus to do God’s will for your life. When you pray this in faith to God, you will become born again of the spirit according to John 3:3 and then you will know for sure the Christ dwells inside you.  Jesus will never condemn you but will want you to be filled with Holy Spirit’s power every day to overcome evil temptations. Jesus loves you unconditionally and will never forsake you as you follow Him. Those that reject Christ or want to follow evil or Satan will get eternal life in hell with the devil. Hell was not created for mankind however if you want to reject Christ, you have sentenced yourself to live eternally with the devil.

So repent daily and ask Holy Spirit’s help to clean up the bad habits in your life!  God loves you unconditionally so when you mess up, ran back to Jesus’ arms of forgiveness and learn to have a passionate prayer life with Jesus as your turn off the internet and TV as much as possible.  Fellowship with strong Christians.  Have mid week Bible study groups.  Attend a church where they hold healing services!


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