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WELCOME TO GOD’S FAMILYYour New Life As A Christ - Servants For Jesus Christ

Welcome to God’s worldwide Christian Family. Please read all this below to help you as a new Christian get started off in your faith with your personal relationship with Jesus Christ your Lord Savior.  Learn about healing and that God wants to use you to pray for others by the power of Holy Spirit!   Keep asking God for all He has for you such as the Baptism of Holy Spirit!

First of all, God wants to give you a new set of Christian friends and a very strong church for your to be a part of.  Search out a Bible believing church that has healing services.  Pray and be led by Jesus Christ’s peace as to what church God wants you to serve in.

Attend church regularly if there’s one in your area and if there’s not, ask around some friends and maybe you could join a midweek Bible study that has a prayer and healing so you can learn what’s in The Bible.  Start off reading the New Testament which is 2/3 the way through The Bible and start off reading the 1st five books of the New Testament which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the book of Acts.



Jesus loves you so so much and he is wanting to help you in every situation.  He died on the cross for you and wants you to live a life full of love, joy and peace.  Where does the most amount of love, joy and peace come from?   Comes from a personal deep relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Enjoy life and see how God provides for the birds and says in the Bible to trust him to look after you.  Look at God’s beauty and don’t let anybody talk you out of the faith you have.  There are wicked people out there as well as atheists that want to play with sin so they will drag you into sin.  If you got free from drugs, don’t go around drug people any more.    If you got free from alcohol, don’t go around the bars anymore as Satan will love to drag you back into the same sins.  Just say NO in Jesus’ name to drugs or alcohol or addictions or any sin temptation.

In your prayer life see Jesus smiling back at you as your sing your own worship song to God.  Learn to thank God for every small thing in your life.  Your heart beat,  air, sun, water, foot, shelter, clothes are all from God so why would we every get into pride thinking our strength has gotten everything.  Every talent and ability also comes from God so enjoy God.  Learn to smile and laugh more and enjoy and respect all the people God puts in your life!



Jesus heals by you believing in Him by faith.  Healing is God’s will for you but many people have been taught wrong and don’t actually read what the Bible says so stay in unbelief.  Unbelief doubt and fear are not from God.  Unbelief and doubts tempts you to say you are hoping to be healed one day if you are worthy.  None of us are worthy as Romans 3:23 says all have fallen short of the glory of God.  So if you feel unworthy, repent and ask God to forgive you and after you have done that you are worthy to become God’s child.  Fear is another of the devil’s temptations.  When fear, doubt, unbelief, depression, confusion or lust try to tempt you, say out loud, “NOT MY THOUGHT.  GO IN JESUS name” and then praise God for a while.

Matthew 18:18 tells you to bind and loose.  So daily bind the devil off you and your family and property and loose God’s angels to bless you and your neighbors, family, church, city and nation.   1 John 3:8 says Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.  If you have watched horror movies, fear can tell you the devil is huge and will win against Jesus.  The Bible says the devil is a liar and the father of all lies.  (The devil is the author of all sickness and disease also).  The Bible says Jesus conquered the devil and stripped the devil of his power and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.  So learn that there are tons more angels than devils.  Learn the angels are huge and powerful.  The devil was defeated by Jesus 2000 years ago.  The devil will give you fears and lust so quote James 4:6-8 out loud and the devil will flee in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

Read those Bible passages slowly. Don’t scan the Bible going too fast but read each sentence very slowly putting yourself in the scenes with Jesus as He talks to the disciples and then heals the people.  As you put yourself in the scenes with Jesus, watch how these people get healed and then have Jesus look to you and say something like:  “I want to heal you too if you have faith in my healing promises of what I have said and done. ”  That helps grow your faith and see the Bible is God talking to you.  There is so much on healing in the videos.  Click on this healing link!



Always do things the Bible way as Jesus was tempted 3 times and quoted Bible scriptures at the devil.  The book of Matthew says that after the devil left tempting Jesus angels came to minister to Jesus.  If angels came to bless Jesus we need angels to bless us every day.   Do not talk to angels as that is not in the Bible.  The pattern of prayer is in the Lord’s prayer.  Pray always TO the Heavenly Father and end the prayer in JESUS’ NAME.

Learn to live in faith and trust in God every day and stop living in fear.  Jesus Christ is your savior, your healer, your provider, your protector, your deliverer and your counselor.   So when you tell the devil to GO in the mighty name of Jesus and through the power of Jesus’ blood, the devil HAS TO FLEE.

Start off each day, binding the devil off you, your home, your family, your church people, your finances, your ministry, your neighborhood, your local leaders and all those in authority in your land.  Cast the devil out into the deep in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and through the blood of Jesus Christ each day.

Matthew 18:18 also says to loose.  So loose the angels to bless you, your home, your family, your church people, your finances, your ministry, your neighborhood, your local leaders and all the leaders of your land in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.  Read John 10:10 and all of Ephesians chapter 6 in the Bible and you will learn more about spiritual warfare.  Jesus wants you to have victory as He said on the cross “IT IS FINISHED.”  Jesus has won the victory and handed it to you as you pray in Jesus name.   Never be devil focused as that can mean living a life full of fear.  Jesus wants you to live a life of peace, with Jesus’ peace.  Yes you will have trials in this world according to the book of John but Jesus said, “BE OF GOOD CHEER.  I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.”

The battle is not yours but the Lords so speak the Bible promises and then believe what you pray and praise God for the victory.  Pray Isaiah 54:17 to protect you and your family from weapons and from false accusations.  Read Psalm 91 about being under the shadow of the Almighty God.  Command no plague or virus to come near your dwelling and see God’s watch over you.  Stand on the word of God when the situation looks tough as that is what faith is all about.   Hebrews 11:6 says without faith it is impossible to please God.  Trust God 100% in all areas of your life!




Get involved in midweek bible study groups and get to know some new friends and share with them some of your struggles that you are going through so that they can pray for you. Ask God for a prayer partner that you and your spouse or friend can pray with.  You can pray for them and they can pray for you. Prayer is just like talking to a friend except you’re talking to God.  Pray the Bible Promises and if you don’t know what The Bible Promises are, then when you read The Bible, write down the promises on some yellow sticky paper or some side paper that you can stick on the wall in your home somewhere. God has healing for you, healing promises, deliverance promises, provision promises, protection promises, and of course the most important thing is being saved when you commit your life a 100% to Jesus Christ to live in heaven forever.

Many Christians often come from a background of having some trouble in their life in earlier years such as rejection, depression, all sorts of mental attacks, and even feeling offended very easily when someone tries to help you with some correction.   In your new life with Jesus Christ you want to get rid of those past troubling thoughts or traumas from the devil because the devil is the author of all mental torment, rejection, suicides, and everything that is against the Bible Promises from Jesus Christ who offers love and forgiveness and healing to all.

Make a new commitment to be teachable and to always grow.  You can judge words and situations but never judge a person as the Bible says in Matthew 7:1 says if you judge a person, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be judged in the same way.  So pray for the person that comes against you knowing that Ephesians chapter 6 says our problem is not with people but with the devil who influences people to do wrong.  There are many baby Christians still struggling in church with things like smoking or other addictions so don’t judge them.  Just pray for them as baby Christians make mistakes and need to repent a lot.

Nobody but Jesus is perfect as we all make mistakes so be quick to repent when you stumble.  Run back into Jesus arms as you repent and ask for forgiveness.  Learn to crucify the lusts of the flesh with the daily help of Holy Spirit.  Pray for people that make mistakes as Jesus said on the cross, “FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.”  So we must forgive others or we will not be forgiven by God.  Forgiveness is a requirement to enter eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ.

Learn to love all people especially your relatives and those in your own neighborhood.  Set up times where you can do fun things together with your neighbors like a simple meal.  If they are open to it, pray together and read scripture together if they are ready.  If they are not ready a personal relationship with Jesus yet, do not slam them with the Bible, but just love them and tell them you are always ready to pray for them if they have any need.



The Bible says Jesus could do no mighty works in his own home town because of their unbelief.   So start STUDING (not just reading) the Holy Bible.  Study the Bible each day to grow your faith according to Romans 10:17.  Feed your faith and starve your doubts.  Don’t feed fear by watching goofball stuff on movies, TV or the internet.  Apply MATTHEW 18:18 each day by binding the devil and command the devil to GO in Jesus’ awesome name and then loose the angels to bless you and your family each day.

Plan to have a daily quiet time in the morning or at night.  After reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the book of Acts, then read in the Old Testament one proverb a day and 5 Psalms a day as these have tremendous wisdom and Passion after the Lord Jesus Christ.  When you finish with the psalms and proverbs, go back to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,  Acts and the rest of the New Testament and then you will understand reading all of the Old Testament.

The Holy Spirit is your helper and will guide you in truth every time you ready the Bible and ask His help.  Holy Spirit was given to you when you dedicated your life to Jesus Christ 100% and according to John 3:3 your spirit became born again.  You did not get a new body or new mind though.  Romans 12 says to renew your mind to the ways of God in the Holy Bible.   John 14:26 says Holy Spirit is your teacher and helper which means the Holy Spirit will help clean up all your bad habits and help all Christians in every problem that they face.  Learn to ask Holy Spirit’s help almost every hour every day.

Ask for grace, God’s power and God’s ability, to handle the situation especially things that keep tripping you up on your Christian walk.  Unplug things that cause you to sin such as  movies, TV, the Internet or other things.  Spend lots of time in quality prayer letting Jesus love you because a baby Christian does not become an adult Christian overnight.  In your prayer time with Jesus, don’t do all the talking but worship Jesus and ask the Heavenly Father to burn out all the hurt in your life.  Choose to forgive all people that have hurt you and choose to forget those hurtful incidents so you will not let those hurtful thoughts bother you again.

You can start off with your Daily Bible study say spending 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night or whatever works with your work schedule.  Make prayer priority one.  Make prayer a date with Jesus because Jesus Christ is your Lord Savior and the lover of your life.  Maybe on the weekends, have a 4 hour prayer time with Jesus and just let God love on you to heal your broken heart.     Eventually buy a prayer journal and write down some of the Bible scriptures that God is telling you.  God will never give you anything that contradicts the Bible.  Thoughts come from:  1) God, 2) You,  3) the devil, 4) Other people’s ideas.   So ask God to discern since you never want to be listening to the rotten devil.

Always confirm major decisions with church leaders if you get something big from God.  Be content with just loving on God and let God love on you.  Love to be in Jesus’ presence.

God will never give you something that contradicts The Holy Bible since The Holy Bible was inspired by God as it says in 2nd Timothy 3:16.   The Bible is your foundation and is your confidence, so stand on the Bible, believe the Bible, speak the Bible promises and trust God’s timing for your prayer requests will be perfect as you surrender all your life to God.

Cast all your cares upon the Lord.   There is so much material for you to learn such the links at the bottom of this page.



Don’t be touchy or easily offended when someone’s trying to encourage you or correct you.  Remember everything you do is for the Lord Jesus Christ not for people don’t be a people pleaser but be a God pleaser.  Volunteer in your church asking your church leaders if there is any job that you can do for them in the church to help others.  After you do that work for the church, don’t expect thanks all the time for men but expect blessings from the Lord because everything you do is for the Lord Jesus and not for people.

Learn what the scriptures say about finances so avoid getting in debt.  If you are in debt, ask for God’s instructions to get you out of debt as you might have to humble yourself and live in a smaller home.  Malachi tells Christians to tithe 10% of your gross income so calculate on a weekly or monthly basis how much money is coming in and then return that to the Lord giving it to your church that you’re attending.



If someone tries to tell you about some financial investment or some job, pray and fast over it.  Be led by God’s peace.  If you do not have peace about it from God then do not move ahead on that investment or action someone is telling you to make.  As you study the Bible you will learn that poverty is a curse and God is not a Poverty God.  On the other end of the scale, greed and hoarding riches and not being generous to God is also wrong as the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.  Read Deuteronomy chapter 28 to see God wants to bless all those that will follow God’s ways.  One of God’s ways is called tithing so pray about that as you read this below.

The first 10% of your income belongs to the Lord so that you actually are returning it back to God.  All that belongs to God.   God lets you keep 90% and he asks you to return the 10% that belongs to God.  As you give your offering to the church God calls you to serve in, you’re not giving to the church but you’re really giving to God.  So never get offended how the church uses the money as you have given your gift/offering to God and therefore God will bless you.

Offerings for mission work or other ministries is above 10% tithe and that’s optional based on what you want to do.  Remember of course to provide for your family and then if you have an extra from your abundance, you can share it with the poor and others that are in need as you are led by Holy Spirit and never pressured by man.



Look at the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.  When you see a Caterpillar turning into a butterfly or bears That hibernate and go to sleep for 3 months and don’t eat for 3 months as their heartbeat goes down to almost nothing yet they don’t freeze nor don’t die in the Winter time.   Look how God is providing for all the animals and underwater life.   That will remind you God wants to look after you.  There are so many other miracles when you think of our planet spinning at exactly the perfect orbit.  If the Earth gets too close to the sun, we all burn up,.  If the Earth gets too far away from the sun, we all freeze to death.

God is in control of everything including the end times so do not get into fear over anything.  2 Timothy 1:7 says God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  If you are worried about the end times, read the first 2 books of the Old Testament, Genesis and Exodus, and learn how God fed over a million people with their livestock with Mana, food from heaven every day, and even water coming out of a rock !     God provided for Israel for 40 years so it’s very simple for God to look after you and your family through every trial. Listen to God and go to where he tells you your provisions are.  Never get into fear or doubt or unbelief.  Remember Jesus could come back this hour so be ready!  Jesus is coming back soon, sooner than you think,  so tell everybody Jesus is coming back soon and invite them to your church.



Enjoy the journey as you follow Jesus Christ as God has a plan for your life so follow it as it will be filled with the most amount of love, joy and peace.  Ask for adult Water Baptism.  Then also ask for the Baptism of Holy Spirit to give you boldness to share the love of Jesus with others. You don’t have to get intellectual with the lost.  Jesus said have faith as a child.   God is looking for a child like faith.

God bless you!  We are praying for you.  Never get discouraged.   God will never leave you nor forsake you!  Matthew 28:18-20 says Jesus will be with us to the very end!


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