Go Preach

Share The Love Of Jesus With All

Before going to preach or share Jesus, pray in the Holy Spirit for a long time to get God’s direction for the outreach as well as His power.  Acts 1:8 says you will receive power to be witnesses or ambassadors for Jesus Christ.


Operate in love and never in condemnation nor judgement.  Give your testimony first and they will be more open to receive from you.


Ask if any are sick and pray for them after you speak the Word of God to them.  The gospel is good news that Jesus Christ has come to save, heal, deliver, restore, provide, protect and be a friend to the lonely.


As you pray with them, ask them to repent and tell them the kingdom of God is near since Jesus is right with you on your outreach.  Make sure they renouce all evil and are willing to surrender totally to Jesus Christ.


Learn the scriptures on the home page of this web site and write them down for them to review for themselves as they need to study the Bible.


Servants For Jesus Christ Go Preach the Gospel to the world