Donation Policy

Integrity In Handling Donations From People

Thank you so much for considering donating to Servants For Jesus Christ.  Below are listed our donation policies we want you to understand before giving to this ministry:

1) Those that donate through the web on our Donations page, get a free web account with us to track your donations and print your donation report off at any time however the reports will be finalized in late January for the prior calendar year.

2) Receipts for US Donors will be mailed in early February for all donations received in the prior calendar year. 

3)  Those giving through our Donations Page, use the PayPal interface which is a trusted corporation with encryption so your credit card and financial transactions are safe!  PayPal lets you donate by credit card so you can even get points on your card for your donations if you have that type of rewards credit card.

4) A PayPal account is NOT needed for single one time donations to our ministry on our Donations page.

5) A PayPal account IS needed for monthly recurring donations to our ministry on our Donations page. Please click on this PayPal link first and set up a FREE PERSONAL ACCOUNT before you decide to give to a ministry this way. You do not have to tie your PayPal account to a bank account unless you want to so for now, just add a credit card to your new PayPal account.

6) Please pray about all your donations to any ministry. In an extremely rare case, 1 person can ask for their donation money back due to getting into financial trouble. For PayPal donations we will refund you part or all of your donation amount for a period of up to 30 days from your donation date. Beyond 30 days from donation date, we will not be able to refund you your donation.

7) Please click on this Contact Us link for the address to mail donations checks to.  No refunds are given on check donations so please pray and get God’s will before you mail a check to any ministry. We spend donation monies quickly for ministry purposes so in the rare event you want your money back, we don’t have the money to give back to you. Remember this is a charitable organization, not a business.

8) Servants For Jesus Christ, tithes, giving 10% of donations to ministries that are promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ world wide

9) Servants For Jesus Christ currently is not equipped to handle non monetary donations. So we encourage you to sell that item you want to give to get the best price, and then donate the money you received to where God Directs.

10)Checking the check box in the middle of our Donations page, shows our current needs. You can designate donation amounts to designations that are part of our charter which is all about preaching and teaching the Holy Bible sharing Jesus Christ with the world.

Servants For Jesus Christ Donation Policies