What does it mean to be a Servant of Jesus Christ?

What does it mean to be a Servant of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ came to serve (Luke 22:24-27) and not be served.  He is our example  so we are to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the same manner He served!  So a Servant of Jesus Christ is a Christian who serves others, with the emphasis of helping those in need to glorify God with no selfishness!  To glorify God means the Servant of Jesus Christ ultimately serves God and does God’s plan for his or her life with humility.

Humility means you die to your own ways and be willing to do anything the Lord asks which could mean a humbling task.  James 4:6 says God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  So a Servant of Jesus Christ is always humble recognizing life and breath, food and heat, and all gifts and talents come from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus washed the disciples feed in John 13:1-17.  Washing the feet in those days was done by the lowest household servant as all wore sandals and all needed to get the sand off them not to track it through the house.   So Jesus took the lowest form of a servant in washing the disciples feet to show us the example of being a Servants of Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to be a Servant of Jesus Christ?

What does serving the Lord Jesus Christ mean?

The Apostle Paul called himself a Servant of Christ Jesus in Romans 1:1 and in Philippians 1:1 he refers both he and Timothy as Servants of Jesus Christ.  So serving means sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and presenting the gospel free of charge to the world!    It also means the Christian is to flow in Holy Spirit Power to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, freely you have received, freely give, according to Matthew 10:8.

We cannot share the gospel or properly represent Jesus Christ until we first have a born again relationship with Him and are totally in love with Jesus Christ which will create the desire in us to be obedient to the Holy Scriptures.  That means committing your life 100% to God asking Jesus Christ into your heart and renouncing all evil as well as asking forgiveness of all your sins.

As you study the life of Jesus Christ and the disciples in the Holy Bible, you find they served others by meeting their needs.  Bring food to the poor, visit those in prison, hospitals, nursing homes, pray for the sick and love on the those that need help.  As you serve others to meet their physical needs, they will be more open to receive spiritual advice from you.  That is when you lead them to Jesus Christ based on the Holy Scriptures on our Home page as well as helping them answer the question:  Who is Jesus Christ?

God Bless you and thank you for being a Servant of Jesus Christ!