Servants for Jesus Christ is a 501 C 3 charitable organization (registered in the USA in 1994) that gives out tax receipts for US donations. The ministry works with leaders to get them hot and on-fire for Jesus doing Jesus’ priorities laid out in the Holy Bible to take the gospel to all in a loving peaceful manner. The ministry daily sends out blog posts to the social media sites, has over 90 videos (VIEW VIDEOS) to help Christians and designs evangelical material to help reach the lost and help them get into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ studying the Bible every day and developing a passionate love relationship with Jesus Christ in prayer. 

The ministry encourages the gospel of Jesus Christ to be taken to each person on the planet and for them to study the Bible daily and seek for God’s truth. (Currently offers free Bible viewing on the internet in different languages and Bible versions ) .  The gospel of Jesus Christ is to be presented in a loving peaceful way for people to freely choose Jesus Christ as their Lord for God wants a personal relationship with us out of truth and love.  The gospel of Jesus Christ should always be presented with love and compassion with respect for authorities and the laws of the land.  Each person should be given a free choice to choose to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their life without forcefulness.  True love for Jesus has to be a choice of one’s heart wanting to be passionately in love with God and to establish an ever growing intimacy with God through prayer, a desire for truth and an excitement to do His will on earth and not your will.

Servants For Jesus Christ greatly appreciates all people who are obeying their calling from the Lord Jesus Christ as we all are part of His body and each part of the body of Christ is special as we work together in unity.

Not all of us are called to be missionaries but all of us are called to pray and ask God what our purpose is on earth and do His will.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with Jesus’ love for people so that you will want to help people of all ages to grow spiritually into the purposes and plans God has for them!  We cannot do the Great Commission alone (found in Matthew 28:18-20).  We can if we all do our part!   If you are a business person, pray and ask God want He wants you to give to Him to advance His Kingdom and let God’s glory fill the earth.

Click on this Donation Policy link for more information on donating to Servants For Jesus Christ! May God get 100% of the glory for everything we do!