Discipleship – 9) Wisdom From The Lord Jesus Christ

Solomon asked for wisdom and he was a very wise man.  He did sin however in the area of lusting after women and letting them turn his heart away from God.  Never let any one or any situation turn your heart away from Jesus Christ.

The reverential fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Learn about God’s unconditional love.  Learn the Father heart of God towards you as you are a son or daughter of the Most High God deeply loved.  As you grow in God’s love for you,  you will want to learn the reverence and holiness of God.  As you commit or re-commit your life 100% to Jesus Christ and ask for all he has for you, then you will want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and with fire.   Read 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14 and learn about the 9 gifts of Holy Spirit.  Learn to flow in all 9 gifts as you flow with Holy Spirit.  One of those 9 gifts is a word of Wisdom.

James chapter 1 says if any lack wisdom then ask God and he will give you wisdom very generously.  So ask in faith believing and receive!

Wisdom from God means you will get the mind of God on a situation.  If we pray long hours we can get the mind of God on many situations.  Of course we have to walk by faith and not by sight.  Remember to ask God about His timing.  God will confirm the wisdom He gives you with your church leaders as God will never give you anything that is contrary to the Holy Bible.

So start asking for words of knowledge and wisdom when you share Jesus Christ and expect to know supernaturally something new about the person you meet so you can tell them, and pray for them to be healed and saved.

Don’t be selfish with God’s wisdom.  Be discreet and humble and do all for the Glory or God so no one lifts up your name but they only lift up the name of Jesus Christ.

Pray and listen to God and continually grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Follow Jesus Christ and the example of the disciples in the book of Acts. We all need to continually purge ourselves from the junk of the world by asking Jesus’ blood to cleanse our minds and bodies. Enjoy growing in Jesus! Jesus gives you Joy and Peace so enjoy this Christian life of ever maturing!  Find a strong Christian church that also has Bible study or home groups where you can meet new friends and pray together!

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God bless you!

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