Discipleship – 3) Worshipping God and Growing Up In Jesus Christ

Worship God daily singing your own love songs to Jesus Christ looking up at Him, smiling at Jesus and seeing Him, by faith, smiling back down on you.   John 4:23-24 says worship God in spirit and in truth not vain repetition.  King David had a heart after God.  Number 1 commandment in Mark 12:30 is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Choose to be so in love with Jesus Christ that you pant after His heart.  Delight in God to have a desire for His heart not His hand outs.  Develop a passionate love affair with Jesus Christ where you cannot wait to meet with Jesus in your private prayer time and let the prayer time and worship go on for hours and hours.

Psalm 46:10 says Be Still and Know that I am God.  Learn to listen to God and write down and date the impressions and Bible scriptures God shows you and God will never tell you anything that contradicts His Holy Bible.   A young Christian needs to get confirmation on major things God is showing you.  Study the Word of God daily and be eager to learn and grow and crucify all the lusts of the flesh as the devil has nothing to sell but junk and torment.

Click on this link: https://www.jesus-the-christ.com/  each day and read the 3 posts.  Get plugged into a weekly Bible Study (or cell or home group) and have the leader in the group match you up with a prayer partner who will call you during the week and read the Holy Bible and pray over the phone together.

Study the Holy Bible every day starting off with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Book of Acts to start as well as reading a proverb a day for the day of the month and 5 Psalms a day. Study means take notes and listen to Holy Spirit show you truth.  See yourself in the scenes in the Bible when Jesus is talking to the disciples and then see Jesus looking at you as you read His words that He spoke. Write your name beside every promise in the Holy Bible.

Take stock of anything that causes you to stumble in your walk with Jesus to stop doing that bad activity or bad habit by asking for more Grace and power of Holy Spirit in your life.  If you cannot break free of a bad habit, give it to God and let God change you.  You cannot save yourself nor can you be holy by yourself.  That is why you have to depend on Holy Spirit every day yielding to doing things God’s ways.  You need mature Christian friends around you.  Yes it may mean changing old friends and meeting new friends at your church that will encourage you to live God’s plan for your life.

Constantly remind yourself that a baby Christian does not become an adult Christian overnight. A baby learning to walk, falls but gets right back up looking to run into the parent’s arms. So you need to be reminded that when you stumble, repent immediately, asking forgiveness from Jesus, as well as forgiving yourself.   Don’t beat yourself over the head getting into condemnation but run back into Jesus’ arms of constant love, acceptance and forgiveness. Ask for more faith and grace every day in Jesus might name!.  Grace is God’s favor, power and ability to do in you what you cannot do. Talk to Jesus all the time to develop that love relationship with Him.  You don’t need to earn God’s approval.  He loves you all the time.  You want to serve Jesus because you love Him so much. Remember He has rescued you from hell and has forgiven you of all your sins and is granting you eternal life in heaven.

Follow Jesus Christ and the example of the disciples in the book of Acts. We all need to continually purge ourselves from the junk of the world by asking Jesus’ blood to cleanse our minds and bodies. Enjoy growing in Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ gives you Joy and Peace so enjoy this Christian life of ever maturing!

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God bless you!

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