Discipleship – 1) There is Hope In Your Situation Through Jesus Christ

There is Hope For Your Situation Through Jesus Christ so never get discouraged!  What is the difference between hope and faith.  Faith involves things under your control and authority such as your life and health and salvation.  However you do not have authority over another person’s will or property.  That is where hope comes in.  You pray in hope for all to be saved in your neighborhood and city.  You hope all will be fed in your city as you do your part to send some help to the poor.

You are never to feel alone. Never feel abandoned, never feel unwanted, never feel unloved, never feel discouraged, never feel depression, never feel hopeless as Jesus Christ has come to give you new life, peace, love and Joy!   All those wrong thoughts are called stinking thinking since they are all thoughts from the devil.

Stop listening to the devils lies and fears and change the way you talk.  You might have been talking negative all your life speaking words contrary to the Bible promises.

Start today changing your talk and speak Bible promises over all situations and watch what God will do on your behalf as you trust Jesus and operate in faith

As you surrender all your life to Jesus Christ your Savior and repent of your sins, ask Jesus Christ into your heart to give you eternal life. When you do that God pours out His unconditional love on you and gives you hope and faith that He will walk through the trials in life with you. You are never alone. Draw near to Jesus Christ and He will draw near to you. Learn the power of the Holy Scriptures to get rid of your stinking thinking and be filled with Joy and excitement.

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God Bless you as you study the Holy Bible every day and talk to Jesus all the time!

Servants For Jesus Christ Discipleship