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Serving In the Local Church and Abroad: Serve Jesus Christ by helping your local church priest or pastor or minister. Examples are given to help out clean up the church, or visit shut-ins, visit nursing homes, visit hospitals and jails and helping the poor so that the local church leadership has more time to be in the Word and in prayer for the vision of the church. Serving God abroad means going on a mission trip. All are encouraged to take a short term mission trip to an underdeveloped nation especially teenagers. Those that are called to teach a class should be mighty in the scriptures. This means studying your Bible every day and knowing how to lead others to Jesus Christ and to disciple them. Always give people chapter and verse from the Bible for everything you say as that will stop false doctrines from coming out of your mouth. Those that are called to be full time missionaries are the experienced Christians who have spent long enough in prayer that they can hear God’s voice and directions clearly.

Servants For Jesus Christ Encourages All To Share the Gospel. It is a registered 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization that gives out tax receipts for US donations
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