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Listening To Jesus: Listening to Jesus means spending hours in prayer. This video is for mature Christians who want to learn how the Lord speaks and how to get confirmation of things God puts on our hearts. This video talks about journaling as well as learning to pray long enough so that our minds get quiet and are still to wait on the Lord and let Him speak at His time. The Holy Bible is your main foundation as God will not tell you to do anything that is in contradiction to the Holy Bible. Young Christians often hear from God but don’t hear accurately since their soul and mind is not renewed to the Holy Scriptures. The mature Christian is able to discern thoughts and emotions from their own mind, versus impressions from God versus temptations from the devil and quickly dismiss all wrong thoughts and temptations in Jesus name.

Servants For Jesus Christ Encourages All To Share the Gospel. It is a registered 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization that gives out tax receipts for US donations
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