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Why Give To This Ministry?: Judas Iscariot who stole from the money bag yet was one of the 12 disciples. One sinner does not mean the whole ministry should be slammed. One bad apple does not mean all apples are bad. This video could also be called: Why give to God? When giving to a ministry you should look at is as giving to Jesus Christ and His kingdoms work. Giving should not be forced but something you want to do. Pray is advised as to giving in obedience to what God directs not what someone tells you you have to do. All the earth is on the same principle explained in the Bible about sowing and reaping. Giving to a ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit opens up the door for God to bless you in return not for the lust of money but to do even more for Gods Kingdom. Some people done have any money so the greatest gift to God is your heart of love and donating your time and talents(skills) to Him to be used for His glory. God gave us everything (life, breathe, air, a heartbeat every second).

Servants For Jesus Christ Encourages All To Share the Gospel. It is a registered 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization that gives out tax receipts for US donations
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