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Miracles Part 2 - Protection Testimonies: Many protection testimonies of people being saved in war, children being protected from being bitten by rabid foxes, and warning dreams from God showing intercessions is needed to stop what is about to happen. Revelations 12:11 tells us that faith in the blood of Jesus as well as our words of our testimony overcome the enemy. Daily plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and body, family and relatives, your property and job as well as your ministry and all the travel you do. Malachi 3:8-10 is shared in that God will rebuke the devourer from trying to steal from us when return 10% of our income back to the Lord giving God His tithe. God does not need our money but God loves to bless and this is how He blesses us (opening the windows of heaven on us) when we obey and give.
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Major Questions and Answers In Life
Study The Holy Bible - Seek The Truth About Jesus Christ
Katherine tried to be perfect and was so hard on herself
Dean rededicates His life to Christ after parties at College
Gary was ashamed to be a Christian as he wanted to be popular
John is set free after 15 years and 15 days
You are so special to God
Worship God In Spirit And In Truth
Water Baptism
How To Study The Holy Bible
Jesus Is Your Healer
Jesus Wants To Heal You
Jesus Is Your Protector
Holy Spirit Is Your Comforter-Helper-Teacher
Jesus Is Your Deliverer
Jesus Help Through The Trials & Storms of Life
Stop Criticizing The Church - Learn About Hypocrisy
How To Pray Effectively
9 Fruits Of Holy Spirit
Life and Death Are In The Power Of Your Tongue
Baptism - Infilling Of the Holy Spirit
9 Gifts Of Holy Spirit
Praising God In All Situations
Listening To Jesus
Looking for love in all the wrong places
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